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As a CEO for over 25 years and consultant and coach to CEOs and companies since 2002 I can solve almost any busines problem. I am an author, speaker and consultant in management, leadership, strategy and best practices. I hve developed over 100 Strat

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Train your management team in proven Management and Leadership best practices monthly

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We will implement a managment training program using proven best practices developed by leaders in the field over the last 50 years. 

This wll consist of 1 hour pe week of video training and Q & A sessions to help apply these practices in your company. This is a monthly, ongoing program, which is guaranetted to improve your company’s performnce. 
Training plan will be developed specifically for your company after some analysis of your culture and people to maximize effectiveness. TOpics will include:
– Managment By Objective (MBO) and SMART goal setting
– Advance Management techniques, metrics and KPIs
– Adjusting to company development with growth
– Best practices for High-Performance Tems (HPTs)
– Best Practices for handling high growth
– Leadership
– Culture development and control
– Budgeting
– Process improvement
– Strategic Planning
– Custom content developed as needed

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  • + $600 This can be for a single month or ongoing monthly

    A full development program would be 6-12 months for most companies.

  • + $600 Coaching for a manager or executive - $600/month for weekly sessions

    Accelerate any employee's career development eith executive coaching. Proven to have an return on investment of about 10X by industry research.

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