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As a CEO for over 25 years and consultant and coach to CEOs and companies since 2002 I can solve almost any busines problem. I am an author, speaker and consultant in management, leadership, strategy and best practices. I hve developed over 100 Strat

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Strategic Planning Facilitation with your entire managment team

  • 30 days Will deliver in:
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The Strategic Planning Process is the most critical process in your organization. Without doing strategic planning right nothing else can ever correct the issues a bad plan or business model can create. This must be done before a business plan to get optimum results. We will help you get the most out of your management team and take you and your team through a tightly choreographed three phase process (see attachements) that will create maximum collaboration and results. It will leverage all the wisdom, experience and knowledge in your business.

The AirTight Management Strategic Planning System provides not just the skills training and process tools but also over 100 files on CD you will need. It combins the best techniques and tools form over a dozen strategic planning processes. We will also provide sample strategic plans, printable worksheets for each step (Word files), various tools and models and even agendas for the key meetings.

  • Develop a superior strategy and corporate vision plus understand the foundational principles of growth management
  • Navigate the complex strategic planning process using a process road-map, agendas and worksheets for each step
  • Use a three phase process to divide the tasks into manageable chunks that people can understand and buy into
  • Learn how to manage risk and drive innovation that can create market dominance, or at least superior and sustainable competitive advantage
  • Develop a plan with maximum differentiation and pricing power
  • Communicate your vision to your employees well
  • Regularly align the vision with monthly operations objectives to stay on track (management cadence of proper meeting framework included)
  • Use what they teach at Ivy League business schools, only customized for small and medium size businesses and to be practical for Small to Medium size businesses (SMBs) 
  • Use flexible templates provided on the data DISC with all the MS-Word forms, worksheets and agenda items you need plus PowerPoint templates, spreadsheets and sample plans and a license to use this with up to 75 person companies (nominal additional license fee for larger companies see shopping cart).

A professional strategic planning facilitator or consultant can cost up to $25,000. We generally charge $10,000 plus expenses for a two day on-site facilitation. By coaching your team through this process remotely we can do it for only $5,000.

You will get the entire Strategic Plnning Kit and your team will learn how to do this process properly, not just get it done for them once.

Get more with Add-ons

  • no extras
  • + $3,200 Handle all project management for the Strategic Planning to drive the process and schedule

    We will keep the project on track with a 8-12 week process and assemble all materials from the managmeent team. Guide and coach team embers by reviewing their inputs and tasks and heling guide them. The cost of this is $400/week for the schedule we determine. This fix price assumes an 8 week schedule. SOmetimes 12 is needed.

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