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Physipod Orthotics - Control360 Biomechanical Foot Orthoses

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Control360 Biomechanical Foot Orthoses provides huge range of polypropylene Pre-Fab foot orthotics / orthoses.  Control360 is 100% Australian owned and designed by Orthotech Laboratory in consultation with multiple podiatrists.  Orthotech Laboratory is a leading Podiatric foot orthotic laboratory based in Melbourne Australia. Orthotech lab has manufactured hundreds of thousands of prescription orthoses for more than 20 years period. There is plenty of experience behind Control360!

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kids prefab orthotics

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interpod orthotics


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Control360 Biomechanical Foot Orthoses. Unit 6 10-12 Thornton Crescent, Mitcham Vic 3132 Australia. 03 8804 0121

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