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I have built several national companies, 1 sold to a national bank, another an investment banking firm and a third took to NASDAQ

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 Dear Sir or Madam:

 I have had the privilege of a long and illustrious
career.  I have built, purchased and sold
businesses. At this point in my career the most important element of a new
position is that it is a good fit, both parties finding success greater than

 I will not bore you with going over what is already in my
resume.  However a quick overview:  most recently I have found independent
consulting quite enjoyable.  Prior to
what I am currently doing I spent 7 years building an educational consulting
business.  I have helped found two
student loan companies, the most recent one we doubled the stock price and took
from an OTC stock to a NASDAQ small cap company.  The prior one was sold to Lehman Brothers

Prior to the above experiences I spent 13 years building a 2
person mortgage brokerage firm into a super-regional mortgage banking firm.  Prior to that I spent time turning around a
land title company.

I have been privileged enough to have found successes in the
businesses I have either owner or worked for, and am looking for a new

I apologize for the 83% rating.  I have 136 hours on oDesk, 128 of those 5/5
stars.  Four hours from a gentleman who
left me no response but wanted me to be on his board so we had a great relationship.  The balance is from a lousy response from a
client who shorted me money, stole my work and then proceeded to talk ill of

I can always send you a resume upon request.

I look forward to talking to you about where you are and
where you want to go.

Keith Landis
717 940 8394

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