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As a CEO for over 25 years and consultant and coach to CEOs and companies since 2002 I can solve almost any busines problem. I am an author, speaker and consultant in management, leadership, strategy and best practices. I hve developed over 100 Strat

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Develop an Executive Summary to attract investors and top employees

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An execuive summary is the key tool to attract investor without giving away secrets of the business plan. 

I have developed over 100 exeutive summaries, busienss plans and strategic plans for companies over the last 10 years. 
I have written award winning, and more importantly,
market dominating business plans.

I am not a writer, but a serial entrepreneur
who can adjust and validate your business model. You do not want a writer when
you can have an expert and CEO for the same money.

Entrepreneurs usually think they have all of
the business model and strategy down. This is rarely, if ever, the case. You
must adjust and iterate as you learn entering any new market. This process is guaranteed to improve your busienss model and market entry strategy by using some key Strategic Planning tools and the “unconscious competence” of a 25 year CEO who can “Blnk” on business models and strategy. I can simulate
all business disciplines in my mind including sales, marketing, finance,
operations and product development due to 33 years total experience and 27 as a
CEO. My mind is wired for business strategy and simulation due to decades of

A sample of my work, and executive summary done in Q4 2014 is attached.  

Note: You must have done more market research and have figured out the business model, pricing, market strategy and sales strategy. This is the prework, or Strategic Planning, that must be done by the management team. If this is not already done there will be extra charges for this work TDB. I will quote this after reviewing the materials you already have collected. 

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  • + $1,000 Add a slide deck presentation for Step #2 of the investor process

    You must present a simple view of the business with a compelling "story", strategy and sustainable competitive advantage to raise venture capital of any size. Founders are often too close to the business to do this themselves. This will be 15-20 key presented slides and many other that are hidden and only shown if certain questions are asked.

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