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Affordable cremation

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We, at Connect Legacy, believe in providing affordable cremation accompanied by the best services because we
know that the final rites of any person should be performed in the right manner
so that his/her soul may rest in peace. There are a lot many comparison doing
rounds about which is better – cremation or funeral? We feel that it is more
about the rituals according to the religion, the dead person followed. The
families tend to follow their ages old rituals over the new advanced ones
however off late, there has been a change in the ideologies and people are
willingly trying to follow what is better for all rather than what is better


 You can visit us at to know what we have to
offer to our clients for the cremation of your loved ones. When we decide to go
ahead with cremation then it is just a matter of few minutes or hours that the
body is burnt, vaporised and oxidised and later the remains can be either kept
with you or buried or scattered where the dead person wanted to be.

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